ABOUT: Vladimir Alekseevich Smirnov

I am chef Vladimir Alekseevich Smirnov and seeking employment as a personal chef for a residence in the South of France. Here is a brief biography to bring you up to date: I was born “Владимир Алексеевич Смирнов” in St. Perersburg, Russia on the November 15, 1955 – the day the metro or underground opened in my ever beautiful city. Even today my 18 year old Larisa Smirnova tells me on the 14th of April to get ready for the “Metro Party”.

Growing up our home was near the present day line 1 stop called Ploschad Muzhestva. My childhood was a happy one. My memories of this time are not all that clear but I do recall the big black dog called Oзеро or in Western script: OZEPO (meaning “Lake”).  Oзеро Hound was a name given by my late, and very missed, father to the retriever dog that was used to go rushing after just shot ducks in different lakes such as Ladoga, Ilmen, Onega and Chudskoye in the North.

Hunting and going on vacation to hunt were things which were talked about and planned almost every night. And it is from this that I started to learn how to cook duck in about 30 different ways by the time I was 8 years old. I recall that about 9 I had to hospitalized for three months for a rare chest cold. At about 11 I had my first taste of Italian food in a real restaurant! I started to cook all the family meals with Ozepo getting fatter and fatter as he got lots of duck to eat.

I loved that Oзеро and family in the old home near the war monuments and the Jewish folk dancing school. It became an obsession to cook a full meal each night. Many years later I still recall the dishes, the sauces, the ideas to make a turnip look good when heated, …. In the past 22 years I have worked as a cook service provider for Lufthansa where I invented “SPAGUS” which I believe is a pasta dish still served on first class but under a different name. I worked for 9 years in cook services for the French Foreign Legion and up till now for a private family in Southern France.

This family has now moved to Canada and I am seeking employment. Hence this site to bring you up to date.

With my wife Svetlana Smirnova, my daughters Larisa, and Anna we are now close to Monaco, close to Italy and have a lovely apartment in Beausoleil where I still do all the cooking.